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ART. 1. All sales are subject to the sales conditions mentioned below. No deviation will be permitted unless it is apparent from the special conditions of this agreement or any other writing from our company. The company does not recognize any verbal agreement of its representatives, which contradicts these conditions of sale.

ART. 2. The sales conditions only become valid after our written confirmation or after delivery. The buyer is however bound from the signing of the order form.

ART. 3. The goods are sold, ex warehouse, not packed. The shipment takes place at the risk of the addressee, even if it is paid carriage paid.

ART. 4. The indicated delivery periods are provided by way of information. Any case of force majeure, either strikes, exploitation accidents, lack of raw materials or transport, suspends the obligations of our company and releases it from any responsibility.

ART. 5. VAT and any additional sales costs are at the expense of the buyer.

ART. 6. Barring deviation in the special conditions, the payment of each order is carried out as follows: an advance of 30% on the order and the balance on delivery. Any invoice that remains unpaid within 30 days will incur an interest of 15% per year, starting from the completion, and this without prior notification. All payments must be settled in Mechelen on our bank account. The preparation of bills of exchange or any other method of payment is no exception to this rule.

ART. 7. If an invoice is unpaid on the due date, the amount thereof will be increased by 10% and a minimum of 125 EURO by operation of law and without notice of default.

ART. 8. In the case of payment facilities, the buyer assumes the costs and interest. In addition, he must accept monthly bills on delivery. Each aval is supposed to be given for the person concerned. The making of bills does not in any way entail debt renewal.

ART. 9. The goods sold remain our property until full payment of the price. If a debt is not paid on the due date, the sale is immediately legally destroyed by the vendor's declaration by simple letter. In this case, the buyer undertakes to return the merchandise within 24 hours of notification. If this does not happen, our company is authorized to reclaim the merchandise, wherever and without any formality. However, the risks are also borne by the buyer during the period that he is in possession of the goods, although we remain the owner of it..

ART. 10. Deliveries - equipment and goods - are considered accepted if our company does not receive registered mail within seven days.

ART. 11. Our company guarantees, for one year from the day of delivery, the replacement of defective parts. The daytime hours as well as the transport of the parts or equipment are at the expense of the buyer. The warranty does not apply to devices that have been repaired, changed or simply disassembled outside our workshops or by a person who is foreign to our company. The buyer can not rely on replacing a piece to refuse payment of the prize.

ART. 12. The guarantee provided by our company does not in any case cover, even during the first year after delivery, the damage suffered by the sold appliances as a result of a faulty electrical installation or due to negligence or treatment not consistent with the use or instructions that accompany each delivery.

ART. 13. Disputed cases are exclusively handled by the court of Mechelen.