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Bijzondere verkoopsvoorwaarden

1. Prices

  • All our prices are expressed in EURO, excluding B.T.W., net and without discounts.
  • The prices are not guaranteed and the goods are invoiced at the prices in force on the delivery day.
  • Advances: depending on the goods, an advance payment of at least 1/3 to ½ of the order including B.T.W. The customer may request an advance invoice.
  • Royalties: are invoiced monthly.

2. Terms of payment

  • For all customers who do not have an account in our bookkeeping, all deliveries, collected or delivered at home, are payable in cash.
  • Deliveries abroad and personalized orders can be paid in advance.
  • Any customer wishing to open a current account will grant a solvency investigation.

3. Payment methods

  • Cash
  • Check: is accepted with permission
  • Master or Visa card: only on collection
  • Domiciliation: in agreement with customer
  • Exchange: in consultation with customer
  • Current account: transfer to our bank account according to agreed payment term.
  • Leasing: positive advice file

4. Supply conditions

  • The customer is assumed that upon delivery he determines the number of packages and their good condition in the presence of the driver.
  • In the case of frozen goods, the temperature must be determined in the presence of the driver.
  • The orders received by telephone, fax, e-mail or letter are binding.
  • All our goods are delivered on euro pallets (80 x 120 cm), code 9020.
  • Requirements :
  • free delivery from € 1250 excl. B.T.W.
  • deliveries from € 200 excl. B.T.W.
  • orders less than € 1250 excl. B.T.W.
  • € 20 in a radius <50 km: zone 1
  • € 40 in a radius <100 km: zone 2
  • € 60 in a radius <150 km: zone 3
  • € 100 in a radius <250 km: zone 4
  • € 100 for express deliveries and deliveries outside fixed delivery days.
  • Shipping method:
  • pick up
  • according to tour
  • ABX
  • UPS
  • Express delivery

5. Leveringstermijn

  • De leveringstermijnen zijn indicatief.
  • Wij doen al het mogelijke om het ontbreken van goederen te voorkomen. Indien het toch voorkomt, kan dit geen aanleiding geven tot schadeloosstelling.
  • Termijnen :
  • goederen in voorraad : 2 dagen
  • goederen niet in voorraad :
  • equipment : ± 6 weken
  • gepersonaliseerd : ± 8 weken
  • andere : af te spreken

6. Returns

  • No return of goods is accepted without the prior written consent of Foster Fast Food, with return ticket, subject to inspection by Foster Fast Food and the manufacturer's inspectio
  • A take-back cost of 10% for re-inventory will be charged.
  • The following goods will not be taken back:
  • end of series articles
  • brazed articles
  • second-hand goods
  • articles in liquidation
  • articles with a shelf life of less than a month
  • items whose packaging is damaged

7. Deliveries abroad

Please inform yourself on our service Export